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“Scared to commit at such a young age”
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My boyfriend and I have an amazing relationship. We have compatible dreams but he is way more daring in wanting to fulfil them asap. As a very young person (21) I don’t know if I’m ready to dive into a huge commitment with him like creating a business together with some of his friends and buying land together and all these crazy amazing things.

Of course, down the line, like 5 years or so I’d be way more open to it but he wants all this to happen in a year so we’ve started planning now. I’m having a lot of anxiety about committing to this huge life change and person so young. Of course I love him and I know he loves me and his actions match that. He came into money when he turned 21 because of a trust fund and he’s waited on buying the perfect place for the two of us to have. Otherwise if it were just him, he would have bought something smaller a long time ago.

I can honestly see myself marrying this guy. He feels like Home and the one person I feel completely myself around and I don’t think I’ll find that in anyone else. I’m scared of the commitment. I want to hear other people’s thoughts because I need unbiased reassurance or advice on how to conquer this.

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