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“Should I wait?”

I am a female, 50 yrs old. Twenty-five years ago I had a gf. She was 18 and I was 24. I was good to her, treated her like she was special. Made her feel special. Then for reasons that I don't know I started treating her mean. Well, she snuck away in the middle of the night.

I tried to find her many times throughout the years. Finally, recently, I got in touch with her. She lives 3, 000 mikes away and nine months ago she got married. She has been with her husband five years. The first four years he beat her. He stopped beating her 14 months ago but he has been in jail for nine of those months. She says she loves him.

I didn't realize until we spoke how much I missed her and that I still have love for her. She says that she feels the same but she is married now. I respect that. She wants to give him another chance when he gets out and if he hits her she says that she will leave him. She sent me some nude pics. But then she felt bad and we set boundaries. With her in the lead we passed the boundaries again and went further. Sexting and phone sex.

When he gets out this month she says I cannot contact her anymore because he will beat her. I have no plans on jeopardizing what she has. She says she will contact me. She told me not to wait. To go out and date and if he hits her and she leaves him and I am single we can be together. I have no interest in dating anyone else. I want to wait for her. But actually don't want to give my hopes up. Should I wait for her?

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