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“I feel lonely at home”

I have been married since a year now. I am little possessive about him. I sometimes overreact because of this. As per my concept I want a person who shares everything with his wife. He likes to take his own space all the time. I feel lonely at home many times. He got a big helping mentality. He daily drops his colleagues( girls) at their home daily after work as they also stay nearby our area. I have no objections in this, though deep inside my heart I don't like it. But i take it very casually.

One day he got some urgent work to complete in office. he could not complete it within the office time. So he decided to do the work after reaching home since he cant make other female colleagues wait for him whom he drops daily. I could not understand and find any reason he saying justifiable. Why cant he tell that he got work and ask them to find a way of their own to reach home. We live in a metropolitan city and there's no shortage for a public transport or for taxis.

On the same day, I went for shopping in the evening and he usually picks me after I am done with shopping. That day he went straight home saying he got work and I myself found way to reach home. When I called him he said he reached home and if I need he can come and pick me. I said I will manage myself because first of all I din like the fact that he went straight home without picking me. Here I feel that he simply ignoring me and he's giving importance to his colleague gals. He made it sure that they are dropped home regularly and din mind he could pick me back or not.

Please advise me. i don't know whether I need to change my attitude in life. I am ready for anything because I need him in my life. I am stuck in life with problems similar to this. Help me out please.

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