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“He wont stop talking to her!”

Before me and my partner got together, he went out on a few dates with this woman. They stopped talking as she got back with her ex and a few months later we got together. Long story but ill try and cut it short we was best friends and then decided to enter a relationship so i was fully aware of the ins and outs of there dates etc as he was open with me. we have been together for a year now and he works away for a couple months so we don't exactly speak that often as we would if he was back at home.

I understand he is really busy with work however the other day in a argument he brought this girl into the argument and was basically comparing me to her, I've asked him several times to stop talking to her because of how they where and how they are now, we split up for a few weeks and he sent her flowers, hes been too her house whilst we've been together but "as mates" anyway in this argument he blurted out that he speaks to her all day everyday because shes going through a tough time... ??? Am i right for being pissed that he hasn't stopped speaking? Or am I being OTT?!

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