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“He's leaving his wife, what should I do?”

What we had was an affair. he was married but unhappy (as what he said) with two beautiful kids... i loved him with all my heart but i can't stay that way... i never asked him to choose... i was always the one who's leaving the relationship because guilt creeps into me so many times but he always able to pull me back to him..

He said he loves me so much, and i believe him... but last month i decided to end everything because i cannot be a mistress anymore so i left him... but he is still persistent..

He already talked to his wife regarding annulment and settled the money matters with her... the only thing left was filing the documents... and he's still consistent to make me fell how much he loves me... we are in a different country as of the moment but he consistently let me know how he feels towards me... he's asking me to come back to him by next year, he told me he wants to be with me badly...

I want to be with him but i'm hesitant because of the pending issues... I don't know what to do? I need some advice.

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