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“Divorced parents hanging together”

Me and my ex-wife have divorced 3 years ago, when our kid was 3 yo. We still live in the same city, in separated homes, not far away from each other. We split our duties and time with our kid 50/50. Everything smooth and better then before, no fighting, no friction. We did not get in other relationships, and, as a matter of fact, none of us has been even dating since we separated. We are cool with each other, we spend some lunches/dinners or birthday parties together. Occasionally we spend entire afternoons or even days together with our kid. Recently, when I had to leave the old house and move into a smaller one, we even lived together for three months (we did not sleep in the same room though). Our kid seems to be fine with this life style, even if sometimes he doesn't want to take in consideration the fact that me or mom could find another man/woman to love and to live with. He wants us to get back and to live in our old house. How much getting along, hanging together, is wrong? Will it hurt our kid? Thank you, Mikael.

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