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“Boyfriend too close to sibling's wife and child”

I have been dating a guy for the past 6-7 months. He is sweet and we strike a good chemistry. One thing that irks me right from the beginning is his unusual closeness with his brother's wife and his unusual attachment to their child. We have had fights over this issue and every time he justifies his stand saying i'm overthinking the familial bond. His brother's wife's constant communication with him under some pretext or the other, her making sure that he does not get her child out of his mind is reaffirming that something is out of the norm here. I even doubt that the child is his child and not his brother's. He has been wanting me to say yes for a marriage but i'm unable to commit as i don't trust him. An idea of a marriage with this guy with suspicious family entanglements is making me scared. What should i do here? Any comments appreciated.

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