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Wife's fantasy

Before we got married my wife was working in a store. She is very attractive woman and men are always looking at her which doesn't bother me. Getting back to the story, she got friendly with a few of her workmates and they were always going out for a drink after work and so on. A younger guy took a fancy to her early doors which I didn't know at the time. We were on holiday and were in the bedroom after a night out drinking taking a few lines fucking having a good time . We were on and of each other all night and in between we started talking about a threesome . She then started asking me about girls from the past and what we did and what turned me on. She then was asking about girls that was interested in me and if I'd fucked them or was interested in fucking them. I then asked her about her workmate and if anything happened between them. She was out on a Christmas night out and had to much to drink felt sick went to the toilet to come round. This fellow went to check on her to see if she was OK and stayed with her for a while until she came around so she told me. I asked her did anything happen and she said no . I said nothing at all this guys been into you since he's seen you. She said no nothing he was just being helpful. She said she was chuffed that a younger man was into her but that was it. We were fucking at the time but I felt she wasn't been honest. Before the Christmas party suitation I had been in hospital and I didn't have my phone so she left me hers to kill the boredom. Looking through her phone I seen messages from him. He landed at our local and text her are you coming down me and my mates in your local. She went down had a few drinks with them and then went home. The next text was is it OK if we come to yours she replied OK but only until the taxi Comes. When I read this I was furious . I told her to get her things and get out. Bringing guys back to my house and me not there. She appolgised and said it was stupid but it was innocent. I believed her and forgot about it. Years later his girlfriend tried to hit her on a night out supposedly because she was drunk. I honestly didn't pay much attention to it at the time but it came up on conversation one night and I started thinking about it. I was so stupid, it happened over 10 years ago but it's bothering me now. I brought this up we had a row and she said why are you bringing up shit from the past. I'm now thinking if she could lie to me back then like that what else might she have lied to me about .

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