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Wife's lack of affection

I’ve been married now for 12 years and have the most wonderful 8 year old daughter. My wife, for the past 5 plus years just shows me no affection at all and our sex life is non existent. I’ve tried speaking gently to her about it, and shown extreme patience, but nothing seems to make any difference. There are no money worries, I try and provide everything she wants and she only works when she wants to.

I’ve thought about leaving her but could not live without my gorgeous daughter who is my life. I’ve even recently lost weight as I thought she would maybe / possibly fancy me again. To be honest I don’t even think she’s noticed. A hug or cuddle every now and again would be a good start but she seems to have zero interest in any closeness. I feel like I’ve exhausted every avenue of trying to get my wife to show affection and I feel I’m beginning to crave it from elsewhere. I still very much love her but don’t know how much longer I can survive in a one way loveless marriage.

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