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“Why doesn't my boyfriend get aroused when he's around me?”

My boyfriend and I have been together seven months. We don't cuddle, we don't have long passionate kisses, he don't hold my hand wen we're out, he don't even hold me in bed. We don't even have sex but he says he is attracted to me. I checked his phone thinking he was cheating. Instead I found a gay porn video on his phone. I confronted him about it and he said he was curious but at first he denyed even watching the video but it clearly shows he started watching it so wen he finally admitted he said he's not gay he was just curious, so I let it go, let it sit in back of my mind.

The August 5 the 2020 13 different times I saw he researched porn again. I confronted him, I said are u happy with me he said yes, I said then why r u watching porn? He said he was curious, so I said what I'm confused is if you can't get aroused with me then how are u gonna get aroused with porn? It was normal porn, mind u he said he was curious since he couldn't get aroused with me he thought he would watch it to see if he would get aroused with watching porn, but he say it didn't arouse him watching porn, so I'm confused. Does he have an erection dysfunction or is he just not really attractive to me like he claims he is, or is he gay? I'm confused and really concerned. I don't no wat to think say or do or how to feel.

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