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"Weird and bizarre"

I know this sounds very weird but it's happening. My girlfriend of several years now is either trying to make me think she's cheating on me or really is. She will go take a bath for several hours and I can blatantly hear her talking to someone. I can hear both voices, hers and his. I've gone in several times but there is never anybody so I pretty much stopped trying cuz she tries to turn it into me being crazy or some deflection.

Other times we will be in bed and she will pretend to be asleep and hooking up with someone. It's quite disturbing. I'll hear her talking as well and when asked who she's talking to she will say oh the dog or something like that, when I can clearly hear her talking to another dude and either hooking up or trying to make me think that.

Why would someone try to make their spouse feel like this? Is she just trying to get rid of me or is it something much more sinister and trying to ruin my credibility by making me look crazy? I know it sounds crazy but its definitely going on. Any comments or advice GREATLY welcomed, it just sux that no matter the outcome or motive, it seems I'm going to lose the woman I love and wanted to spend my life with. Thanks.

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