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“Long distance relationship”

I met him when we were in college. He had a crush on me, we came into a relationship. Soon we knew that our relationship was going to be a long distance one after graduating. But still we decided to venture and explore this relationship. Currently we both are in different state of the country. Last time we met during December 2019, it is August 2020 already and the problem is that we both did not have sex since nine months. And we don't know when we will be meeting next because thanks to COVID-19.

As days are passing by my urge to get intimate and have sex is increasing. I don't know much about his urges because he doesn't really like talking about such things. But when we were together those moments were pinnacle of physical and emotional intimacy. But now things have changed a bit, we love and care for each other but physical intimacy is zero. I have talked this through with him and every time he gives me the most obvious answer, ie just have some patience. Does anyone has any valuable suggestion?

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