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I'm ruining sex with my husband

I and my husband used to have sex every day, then it changed to once a week, and now that we are married maybe once or twice a month if I'm lucky. I know this is mostly my fault as I don't put any effort into turning him on, but I can't. My mental health is deteriorating because I'm so insecure about myself. It doesn't matter if I put on makeup, do my hair, or wear a beautiful outfit, I just look like a decorated pig. I didn't gain weight, in fact, I'm fitter than I was before we started dating. I can't initiate sex because I feel disgusting about the way I look and act during sex. I'm not a sexy woman; I don't know how to turn a man on when I feel so horrible about myself.

Sometimes he even sends me videos of other girls doing sexy things and asks "When are you going to do that for me?" but all I can think is "ME? No, you wouldn't want a bag of cow manure to do that for you." I hate my body, my face, my personality. I'm only 21, I shouldn't feel this way about myself. He doesn't want to initiate sex with me but masturbates every day sometimes several times. I don't care about him masturbating or watching porn, but I feel hurt because he rather do that than be with me. However, when we do have sex it's only me pleasing him. He doesn't try to do things to turn me on or make me finish. So when that happens I just get more insecure.

However AGAIN, I know that's my fault because I don't communicate at all because I feel like absolute shit and I know I can't complain because all of this is my fault. I don't know what to do, I can't seek professional help because of matters I can't discuss. I've tried exercising more to see if it helps build my confidence, but nothing :( I just wish I could be someone else than me. I'm trying to hide how mentally broken I am from my husband because this isn't his fight. He works so hard to put food on the table, I don't need to put this added stress on him. Sometimes I wish I wasn't born, because then I wouldn't be this burden on myself and others. I think he would be happier too if I was gone or he found a more beautiful confident girl.

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