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Husband has no desire for sex

My husband and I have been married for almost 10 years. We got married at a very young age (20 & 22) in the beginning of our relationship, he used to get frustrated at my lack of sexual activity. As the years have gone on, I built up my desire to want to have sex a lot more. Don’t get me wrong, we would have sex a couple times a week. But now I would like it to be 4x a week.

However, the roles have reversed. He only seems to want (lack of better term) head. He never wants to kiss, foreplay or do anything “intimate” he just wants head. We talk about everything and have a solid relationship. However when I bring up these concerns, and express that I would like to have sex more or even have intimate moments more, he tells me “I’m not that guy” I don’t mind giving head but I would like to have sex also. You know, give and take? But he only wants to take.

I don’t want sound ridiculous but it would be nice to feel like a teenage couple again and having those passionate kisses or make out sessions. But he has zero interest of kissing me. Even when he gets home from work or before bed, etc. it’s gotten to the point where if I’m kissing him he actually pushes me away or will turn his head. How can I not feel rejected or unwanted? I feel like we are too young to have our sex drive decrease. He tells me sex feels amazing but he does t want to “do the work” and he doesn’t seem impressed when I do the work, unless it’s with my mouth!! Lol.

I’m losing interest in being around him, he thinks “I watch too much rom-coms”. Which may be true, but what’s wrong with a little more passion in the bedroom? I don’t need flower pedals but at least hold my hand while I’m going down on you!! It’s getting me to the point that I’m anonymously writing to a bunch of strangers. Am I living in fantasy land or is he losing interest?

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