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"He says I have to change for him to want sex"

My bf and I have been together for about 7 years. We always had a great relationship including our sex life. We would have sex at least 3-4 times a week. He would wake me in the night ready to go and in the morning always wanting to touch. He always grabbed me and made me feel sexy... Now he won't touch me and its been 7 months since we've even had sex!

He says ever since my mom died I changed and he just can't get turned on! Its been 2 years that I've been dealing with this! It was always he was depressed and he was sorry and it would change. But since I've said I would leave now its my attitude that makes him not want sex and I have to change! If you are having that much trouble wanting to have sex with me then maybe I just meed to move on! I am not going to keep pretending to be happy so hell have sex with me... help what do I do?

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