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“He doesn’t want me”
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My fiancé doesn’t want me. His excuses, he’s tired and not a very sexual person...yet after last relationship in 3 mths slept with at least 6 women (before me, none of my business and didn’t want to know but daughter showed me texts and all daddy’s gfs on an old phone. But he had lied to me and said he didn’t get intimate with just random women) forgave him but our sexual life stayed the same.

Struggles with self esteem and feeling rejected I held on hoping for better but never got better. He blows his lid over nothing end it with me and jumps right into sleeping with two women while we are apart. Comes back says he’s sorry, please forgive him, I did because I love him. Think things will get better sexually. Nope. Rarely touches me. Same excuses despite me knowing as soon as we broke up and the short time we were apart he was sexual with two other women. I tell him it’s me, he denies it and gets mad when I point out if he didn’t want sex why as soon as we broke up he was having sex with one female and then another? Help? Am I crazy?would anyone believe he wants her when he doesn’t touch her but goes and has sex when he is not with her?

Basically that’s what he is saying to me. That he wants me but it’s all these reasons. Those reasons didn’t stop him with two random females when we were apart. And the insult to injury, he treats me like I’m so stupid that I will believe he wants me when he never shows it. I don’t know why he’s with me. Help me please! Am I wrong to not understand his logic or reasoning because it seems like bs to me.

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