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Bf avoiding sex

As soon as my bf and I go to bed he falls asleep and he gets up and dressed very early on the mornings we don’t even cuddle.

He looks at porn he, he stares at other women, he flirts with other women and he masturbates but never instigates any physical passion with me.

Quite often he says we’ll have sex on Saturday (for example) this feels so clinical and contrived, no spontaneity and so scheduled.

He says he has had exciting sexual experiences in the past but when I try to get a bit freaky he says he feels uncomfortable because he was falsely accused of rape many years before.

I know I have a high sex drive and there isn’t much I haven’t done in the past so I don’t want to push him into anything he isn’t comfortable with but I am feeling undesirable and unwanted. Although he isn’t aware I know other men find me attractive and I even have a friend who wants to be in a relationship with me, with sexual advances but I love him. I really don’t know what to do.

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