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Any suggestions?

im a guy 20 years old n my girl best friend is 19 nd i have been talking to her for 1 year n somewhat have fellings for her.

Initially at first when she asked about my sexual encounters n past relationships i neither had any sexual encounters that is im still a virgin nd neither any past relationships But i told her a lie n bragged a bit that i had 2 gf f**ked a lot with them nd also f**ked a prostitute.

when i asked about hers she denied saying that she is still a virgin bt after sometime when again this topic came up nd i said that dont worry u will get lots of chanceses to have sex she suddenly told me that she is not a virgin she was with this one guy with whome she had sex n lost her virginity nd then she started telling all the details like what sex positions they both tried n she also had shower sex nd all like told a lot about placeses nd all she had sex nd now hearing that im a bit hurt n always think about her nd her ex having sex

IS she telling the turth or just like simply makin me jealous or something its not like i want a pure virgin gf its just that sometimes i imagine her having sex with her ex n it pains my heart

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