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I have a long distance bf but I’m falling for someone else

Hi guys I’ve been with my boyfriend for 3 years now , we met because we use to live in a small town and went to the same school, but than I moved to another country for college and he stayed back.

Our relationship is amazing he is sweet, makes me laugh nice , cares about me and my mental health and is amazing with my family and friends , and of course we have problem like other couples but he always has my back and I have his , but we started long distance and it’s bad cuz we are to attached to each other and we used to see each other ever day. But we are trying even with my trust issues , but I got this new job I met this kid …

He is sweet funny makes me laugh too he always ask if I’m okay he takes time of his day to talk to me work because I’m new and don’t know anyone lol and he tries to help me at work introduce me to everyone is helping me make friends and I feel he likes me by the way he acts and looks at me , and I feel that he even got jealous because he saw me talking to my friend about a boy and than he saw a picture of me and my boyfriend on my phone , and I thought it was just a crush or I was just lonely because of my long distance relationship, but yesterday I noticed it wasn’t because I got jealous of him talking to our coworker and not really talk to me and that he was going out w friends. I feel that he likes me but I just don’t know because I never know stuff like this but I don’t want to break up with my bf because I care about him a lot and we have been through so much together , but I don’t want to maybe something happen , because I don’t want to hurt neither of them I feel like a bad person .

I always thought when u fall for someone else is because there is a problem in ur relationship but there is not I don’t know what to do I don’t want to hurt them or hurt myself .

I don't know if I really like my coworker or I’m just lonely or i don’t like my boyfriend anymore I really don’t know want to do , feel and think….. What the hell should I do?

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