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Should I let him go, or try again? He is ruining my life

It is very difficult for me to share this story with anyone. The only one who knows about it, is my therapist.

I was in realtionship of almost 5 years, a relationship that was ending and had turned into a constant fight and ignoring each other. One Sunday night I met this guy in a chatroom. Back then i was so tired emotionally, demotivated, just wanted to talk to someone about my problems. We met in the most casual way, in a chatroom with fake nicknames. I was so bored of the many stupid msgs I recived that night that I was about to log out, but then he texted me. I randomly answered because his nickname was funny. We started to talk, and we ended up talking for more than 3 hours. He also had a gf, a longterm relationship and problems similar to mine, we talked about that, then about random stuff, about our jobs, about the countries we live in and we made many jokes. He was so smart, so articulated, so interesting. That night we exchanged Skype accounts. I felt good after talking to him, happier somehow. The next evening I recived a hello text from him, I answered...

Since that first day we met, we have been talking every day for almost 8 months now. This guy made me feel like, alive again, made me feel the emotions I thought I wasnt able to feel anymore. But he has a gf, and I knew it the whole time. I was able to break up with my bf, not because of him but because it was done and over as a relationship.

But he, he cannot do that. He says he cannot hurt her like that, he cannot live then with the guilt and pain that the break up would cause. They are together almost 3 years now, I dont know the details but I know her family and she are waiting for an engagement and marriage. He told me so. He also told me he cares about her but he doesnt love her. We tried to stop our communication many many time, both suffered so much , but we always came back, me or him sent a msg and everything started from the beggining. We failed so many times to end this and it is so so painful each time. I know I have to end this but deep inside of me I still have hope that I can convince him to meet and maybe undertsand what we feel. And if what we feel is so strong then maybe he will find the will to end his relationship.

I feel like I have lost balance of my life, like I will never be happy to experience happiness again, not without him. I dream day and night about being with this person, about founding the peace and joy I need in his arms. I wait for his msgs, I am happy when I hear his voice. But then he cannot talk and I know he is visiting her or she is visiting him, and it literally breaks my heart each time. I know what I am doing is wrong, I know I should have ended this long ago, but I cant, I am unable to stay away from him because he is the only guy who has even made me feel like this. I am so sad the whole time, I changed two workplaces and now I quit again because I couldnt handle the work load, I am stressed and exhausted but I cannot sleep. I am a doctor, and even though I know how damaging it is, I use for months now sleeping pills to be able to sleep at night and dont overthink.

I have a Therapist and I work with him regularly but he also told me that it is up to me to end this. I just dont have the power to do that, leave him, block him. I tried to do that and it feels like the end of the world, like losing the only opportunity I have to be with my soulmate. Please dont judge my situation, I would really want to know honest opinions of people who maybe have been through a similar situation. anonymus

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