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Did he want an open relationship?

I have been with partner 3 years now

And for the first time in my life I feel happy and settled and valued by this person

However his two previous partners cheated on him the last one began to write to a prison inmate whilst they were married and she eventually left him for this high profile prisoner who will never be released and lives in the USA and has flown over to meet him..

No guessing that obviously damaged my partner emotionally.. However we got together and a year into us he has mentioned that if I felt I wanted a bit of fun on the side as long as, I told him he would be ok and we could start again..

Seriously I have spoke at length and question his actions

Did he want an open relationship or would he get turned on by me sleeping with someone else and coming back and telling him Had he cheated And none of these was any reason

He just wants to make sure I am happy but accept that people makes mistakes.. I was angry and offended by his statement that should I make a mistake with someone else or want a bit of fun then it's OK like he has given me permission I have been lied to and cheated on so I made it clear when in a relationship with someone I don't jump ship or cheat and that I value a relationship and, wouldn't want to put myself in any situation to cause this...

But he assumes women are the biggest liars and cheats and we go to loggerheads over this Its weird because I know people that are insecure and you can see it a mile of.. However he display none of these so I am confused as yesterday he brought it up again I am certainly not someone who is on any social media doing selfies and thinks she is, great or seeking any male attention. I am a, confident person who has a, wide circle of friends who are either single/divorced

My partner well he never goes out

Or socialise with people.. Yet his job is in the public and he is confident when dealing with members of the public

Once I dragged him out and it was obvious he was, getting anxious so left where we were I am starting to question this it's OK if you cheat on me

Just because his previous partners did doesn't mean I will do that.. I have tried to get him to open up but he just laughs it of.. However its driving a, wedge between us now.. Because I feel he doesn't trust.. And even more so the fact he is given me permission to do so as long as I go bk

Seriously I need advice as this has me baffled thanks

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