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Am I wrong for feeling disrespected?

I am in a relationship with a amazing woman. She has made me believe in love again. I have had problems in the past with being jealous. In the beginning of our relationship we agreed to take our exes off of our friends list on facebook. Which we both did. Today she tells me that she accepted a friend request from an ex who she had previously taken off. She told me that it was only because he kept requesting her and she isn't talking to him anyway.

I trust my girlfriend but I don't understand why she would do this even after I told her I feel disrespected by him. I told her it was her decision and she could do whatever she wants to do. I have been jealous before and I don't want to be like that anymore. My pride is killing me though because I know dude is doing this on purpose because I threatened him. I told my girlfriend all of this. Am I wrong for feeling disrespected by her? a to do whatever she wanted.donotget along because he used to physically abuse my cousin and I told him if he ever laid hands on my cousin again I would make sure he would regret life. The same time he just requested my girlfriend today he sent me a text out of the blu

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