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"Why can’t I believe my wife?"

So been married 20 years. My wife wanted to go to Vegas with her friends. I said ya sure was a little worried because she is kind of promiscuous when intoxicated. So she goes when she’s done she calls me. I didn’t ask anything she just tells me she lost all if Saturday because she drank to much in morning and just stayed in her room all day. That made me suspicious because that was her only full day there. So I asked really you did nothing all day. She swore nope stayed in my room. So that made me suspicious so I checked her call records. Turns out she was sending text throughout the day to her friends. I got a couple messages that basically said she was out and about. When I told her she was doing some thing that day. She replied that she swore she didn’t. Not until I showed her the text did she break from that. Now the new one is she only told me that cause she felt guilty that she didn’t call or text me Saturday. She said she just wanted to be alone. I said that doesn’t make any sense at all. I told her I feel worse hearing that because you made up a lie about something I wouldn’t even get made about. Never once did I text her Saturday to see what she was doing. Now a year later our 25 anniversary is coming up so I wanted to get her a ring and propose to do our vows again. So when I’m sitting there trying to come up with stuff. Vegas keeps popping in my mind so I figure I’ll talk to her and it should remove doubt and I will proceed. Wrong I just got mad because I don’t buy her story. She doesn’t talk about the day at all she has nothing. I think she knows she’s caught but knows I don’t know anymore then I do. And she is not going to admit because she probably thinks I’ll leave. I guess I just need to hear maybe I’m crazy and the story is believable. I don’t know I don’t want to leave her even if she did get drunk and do something stupid. I’m very forgiving. But I don’t like to be lied to. Even if it’s true how bad is it that you have to lie about not doing anything that’s what I don’t get. And why no stories I do t even ask because personally I would be like I did this that and this. She doesn’t offer anything up.

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