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The guy I'm dating wants another woman in our relationship

So I recently started dating this great guy. He isn't perfect but nobody ever is. When we started thinking of each other as possible significant others, he told me that he would like to have a poly relationship. He gave me his reasons such as it would be more stable emotionally and financially. Another one he listed was that if one of the people were to leave the relationship then he wouldn't have to feel hurt cause it's not fair for both people to hurt from a breakup.

He is a sad guy a lot of the time but he is a really great guy all around. He just seems to not want to get hurt. He said that he doesn't think he could handle another breakup. I don't blame him cause breakups hurt. I'm not writing all this just to hear that I should give up if I'm not comfortable with a relationship like that. I'm writing all this cause I don't want to lose him but I just want to know how to show him that he doesn't need another person in the relationship. I just want to know how to make him less afraid to commit to just me.

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