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Stuck and don’t know what to do

My ex and I of 3 years broke up or had a ‘break’ for a month. During the month he did whatever he did by talking to many people, etc. i met this guy who is more mature, put together, etc than my ex not to compare but I think it’s what made me so attracted in the first place besides looks.

Over the month We got to know each other and realize how similar we are and our outlook on life was the same. To simplify the situation I love my ex but some of his ways I do not love. I unfortunately grew to have feelings for this guy and he did too which makes me feel even worse but then I realize I have some feelings for him and I wish I didn’t have to hurt him but I’m not ready to be completely done with my ex and yes this guy knows everything I have been straight up with him.

I am not sure how to cope with the idea of exactly wanting two different people but this other guy is so great from what I’ve gotten to know and has all of the qualities I would want in a guy long-term. Recently I told the guy I was not sure and would probably start talking to my ex again trying to work and ever since I told him I’ve been kind of really upset about the idea of not having this guy like I’ve had him and how special he made me seem as he would tell me over and over I was different. If anyone has been in my shoes please give me your best advice on how to either cope with these feelings and what I should tell this other guy if anything else than what I have recently. To top it off he has been so understanding of my situation with my ex-boyfriend.

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