“Should I tell or not?”
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So I have been talking to my guy friend for about 6 months now on and off. Now we have established that we are "a thing" but not quite in a relationship. He is so generous and caring and takes great care of me. Although, he isn't the most eye catching , Im still into him.

So he has two vehicles and I sometimes drive the one that he doesn't because my car air conditioner doesn't work and his does. The other day I was taking my cousin somewhere I accidentally hit the breaks a little late but I didn't hit anyone. BUTTT. The other car behind me breaks weren't as fast i guess. So the lady hit the back of his car. So in the moment I'm like "OWE SHIT!" this isn't even my car. So I got out in panic mood and looked at the back bumper to see the damage and i didn't see anything. So the lady was an older sweet lady and was shocked, so we both thought we had no scratches so i went on about my way. When I made it to my destination, I looked again and I saw some scratches and a little hole. So i was freaking out again! But it's an older car so it already had a lot of paint feeling in the front area but still i thought he might notice it.

It's been like a week now and he still hasn't noticed it. But today I was driving it again and when i hit the breaks it sounded like a rattle was coming from the back side area where she hit me from. So when i came in i said "Bae has your car been making that noise when you break?". and he said, " I don't know , maybe" . So today is his first day driving the car i had the wreck in , and i'm a little nervous if he is going to question me or just think it was a hit and run.

My question to you guys is ; Should I act like I have no clue about anything and say someone must have done it OR Should i own up to it and say i was scared to tell him? . Because i really just don't want any extra problems that's why i haven't said anything yet. PLEASE HELP

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