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Should I be worried, am I overthinking it?

I have been in relationship with my boyfriend for like 4 months now. Our relationship is really good and I am very happy. But their this thing that happened while us chatting. He one day went to meet one of his female friends in morning for few minutes he already informed me that at night I was totally okay with it. At night we when we were chatting he had first already told me that he had shared these and these things with her like told her our both ( my bf and me) times together.

So in one of those moments it was kind of funny like actually the funny thing was that we were in sea we were having really great time and suddenly I just fell into the sea and it is funny for me cause I am used to being in sea and and I love being in it. So it was basically funny for me that I fell. But it wasn't funny for him at all he was really worried about me getting hurt somehow. So I asked him about what his friends reaction was to whatever happened on sea did she laugh? I asked him he said no she didn't but so i told him maybe she didn't listened to u correctly he said ok fine. Then I said tell your other friends they will find it funny cause it is funny. So he said that is the difference between her and his other friends. She knows when to laugh and when to not, she would know that it would make me angry or sad.

Maybe I am overthinking it I don't know but that just felt really bad or sad I don't when I heard it. I personally don't like her too much it's because I sometimes gets some hint of her liking him. And the worst part is she keeps clicking pics with him like everytime! And once when they were doing job together in one organization she took holiday when he took holiday. She tired leaving the job when he tired leaving the job the worst thing happened was that all the people in job assumed that they were bf and gf and ofc he defended it saying that they are thinking wrong that we are friends I already have one, but she wouldn't say a thing.

I am soo worried about that thing that he told me on chats about her being should I be worried!? Please someone help me Or should I just talk about this with him?!

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