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“My wife doesn't want to be intimate”

Me and my wife have been together for six years and married for three. The past two years, I feel like she has been pushing me away. When I try to be intimate all I hear is just wait a second, we can try later tonight. Mind you it's already ten. Yet it never happens.

I try to take her out or to do things with me and she refuses and would rather stay home. And will then go out with her friends. The past two fathers days nothing was done for me, as in no breakfast or dinner. She didn't even spend the day with me. Instead I watched the kids all day while she napped. My birthday the same.

She constantly belittles me and the second I get mad she just wants a divorce. I've gone out and just said it... you don't love me anymore do you? She says she does. I tell her: you haven't touched me or let me touch you in months; you don't reply to my texts or pay attention to me when I'm home. I told her: I would rather you just tell me and get it over with than prolong it to the point where I just hate you.

We have three kids, all girls, oldest being 13 from her previous marriage and a three and two year old that are mine. She let her 13 year old walk all over me and her she wouldn't make her do anything for money and the girl wouldn't even pick up after herself. I found her smoking a cigarette in our bathroom hotboxing it.... who does that? Well I think my two baby girls watched her do that and they are acting the exact same way. And I feel like it causing us or at least her to drift away.

It's getting to the point for me where I just want to know am I just a piece of meat that is only good for providing. I love her to death and unconditionally and I don't know why but I have respect for my self and I'm not going to take this anymore. She hasn't cheated but she sure as hell wants nothing to do with me even tho she will turn around and say I do love you and I do want to be with you. Is this a game to her? Is she staying to benefit her and my girls? Because my girls will never go with out. Please what would you guys do or approach this to the main goal being get my wife back but if it has to end then it will.

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