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My bf is into transgenders

My story happened in June of 2021 when I found out that my ex bf had been soliciting transgender escorts for the past year! Which was the year we had been together! All that entire time he cheated on me with transgender escorts .. I found out in July when I saw an app on his phone. I went through his phone while he was sleeping and found out he had been texting trans people and also regular prostitutes paying 80 dollars or so for their service. I was so devastated I woke him up and I confronted him I couldn’t believe what I had seen and seeing the exchange of pictures with those T escorts made me feel so worthless and I asked him if he was bisexual I wouldn’t judge him - he said no he wasn’t that he loves me and he doesn’t know why he does that and that he has always had a problem with wanting more sex and has never been able to be loyal to anyone .. he keeps looking for me and begging me to get back with him and part of me wants to and part of me knows I will never trust him

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