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It's been five years and she still doesn't trust me

We have been together for almost 5 years and still not married.

a long time ago in the early years of our relationship i lied about porn twice, i lied about cigarettes and weed as well and came forward with none of it on my own. she had to dig the confessions out of me. fast forward 3 years later and i have changed my core of who i am, i've changed my perception of many things and i have grown in a multitude of ways. effectively i'm a different person. and i've bled for my lies every step of the way. so here we are now. I have just been promoted to supervisor at my workplace and am in charge of a lot of employees. my girlfriend works with me for the record...

there is a newer staff that has rcently been hired and mhy girlfriend is under the impressin that i am attracted to this woman. (i'm not) despite my attempted dispelling she is still under the assumption that i am lying. it is starting to seriously effect me at work, and both of us at home. i don't know what to do as i feel that i've tried everything....she has every right to be assumptive but it has been a long time and i dont know how to help this situation anymore. i feel like i want to just quit my job :(

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