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“I'm in love with someone I can't be with”

I fell in love with this guy about a year ago. He told me he likes me and he knows I like him with how I am around him the way I suddenly become more comfortable. He trusts me and I trust him (I'll never admit to him how I feel) but he said to me the other day that if our situation was different he would have pursued us but unfortunately that hasn't helped me because I have suppressed my love for him.

It's a mess. I'm not sure if I should tell him. I'm worried it will mess things up between us. He has a relationship but isn't happy. I feel terrible for loving him. He does care for me and would do anything for me. I'm nothing special. What do I do now? Do I tell him? Should I just let it be and continue with the yes I like you nothing more? (We have slept together) But I didn't ask questions on his love life and hardly do now.

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