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"I have a partner but I'm falling for someone else"

Hi everyone, I'm hoping for some friendly advice and support, as I'm really struggling at the moment. I met my partner six years ago and ended up moving abroad to be with him. At the time, I really fell in love with him after being alone for several years. These days, I question whether I was just terribly lonely and anxious at the time or whether I genuinely fell in love.

Over the last six years I have become very much a part of his family and have had some wonderful and happy times but there have also been a lot of issues. It started with me realising that we actually have very little in common. I'm a dreamer and love spending my time in nature, reading anything I can get my hands on (especially fantasy novels) and playing computer games. I also love travelling and exploring new places and at the same time love spending time at home. My partner, on the other hand, is someone who loves spending most of his time away from home drinking (he gets drunk at least three times a week) with his friends. I discovered early on that he's never read a book in his life. It's also impossible to have a conversation with him, as he either isn't interested or always has to be right and gets angry and nasty if someone disagrees with his opinion. Basically, pretty much nothing in common between us.

My loneliness has been growing a lot recently and, after finally having mastered the local language, I joined an online book and fantasy novel club. There, I started getting to know a guy and found out that he lives literally around the corner. I've met up with him over coffee a couple of times and I have been blown away by how much we have in common. I have never in my life met someone who is so like me. We click in every way possible. And here comes the troubling part: we have been falling for each other and have both admitted it to each other. I, however, haven't opened up about my relationship yet. I, rather selfishly, have been worried that it would scare him off.

So what would your advice be for someone in my situation? I am at a complete loss and am so scared of ending up alone. I never thought I would find myself where I am now. I'm not sure whether I'm still in love with my partner and I'm scared of falling deeper for someone else. Advice please! :) Thanks so much in advance.

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