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“Does he wish I was an Asian girl?”

My boyfriend is Vietnamese. When I met him, he had a Vietnamese girlfriend overseas. We started "hooking up" about 2 months after we met, as "friends with benefits" and did that for about 7 months. When the Asian girl asked him to "hurry up and bring her to the USA" he left her to be with me (turns out she had a man the whole time, and was using my boyfriend to come here). He has been saying he could never be with an Asian woman, and that his mom is right, all Asian women want is money and to be in the USA.

Fast forward 2 years later. My boyfriend and I have been looking at lingerie. And i couldn't help but notice that my boyfriend REALLY wants me to ware some super Asian stuff like Cheongsam lingerie is his #1, and then lacy, frilly, see through skirts, no crotch, nippeless, etc.... Pretty much anything we see online that "looks Asian" he wants me to wear... I am more into corsets, and short dresses/skirts and know "make him work for it" type lingerie.... I am not an Asian girl, and i feel like if I wear "Asian Lingerie" that hes gonna be thinking about anyone but ME when we are "getting busy".

So my question is... Do we just have different taste in whats "sexy"?? Or should I be worried that I'm not what he wants? I'm not good enough ect.... Asian girls are small, pale, dainty, fragile, cooking cleaning, baby having, skinny, stay at home, DO as they are told...that's what Asian girls are known for. I am more of a, re-building houses, get dirty, shotguns, camping, skydiving kind of girl.... So if he wants me to look like an Asian girl....dose that mean he wants me to "be like an Asian girl" ? Or am i just crazy and over thinking?

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