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After 21 years of marriage

My husband and I have been through a lot these 21 years. I have always been there for him through so much. He was locked up for child support to traffic violations and incarceration when his family was totally fed up with him and tired of bailing him out. He turned himself around and we have been doing fine after 21 years of marriage. His son (28 years old) apparently fathered a child (and since fathered others some of which are just now coming out of tge wood work).

So he was told this 7 year old boy was his sons baby. The son has never paid support or even tried to see the child. The girl he got pregnant was young and left the baby with her mother to raise. So after 7 years she just now is reaching out to my husband for help. So my husband agreed to pick him up from school each day and take him back to his job. He works for himself and does tile work so he has the freedom to leave his jobs to pick him up. The grandmother was picking him up each day from our house when she gets off work around 6pm each day.

However it has become that she fails to pick him up on time and he has dinner with us and then my husband takes him back to his grandmother. I have asked him what is the story with her and he said she us depressed and needs some time away from it's child that gas so much energy he climbs tge walls. Can't keep still.

My point is when I get home from work I now do not have any down time. I am getting more and more stressed and loosing my patience. Keep in mind my husband never talked tome about any of this and just took it upon himself. when we talk he said God has given him an opportunity to spend time with his grandson and he is going to take full advantage. We have had heated discussions about this and he has told me numerous times that he will always put his grandson first no matter what because when he was coming up he had no relationship with his Dad or Grandparents.

Well last night he came home after dropping off his grandson and said the grandmother asked if he could watch him Friday night through Saturday and he told her he would. Again didn't even talk to me so I had lost it. We argued and fought. He called his sister and I was hearing him bad mouthing me that I am a selfish person and he will leave if he has to make a decision over his grandson or me. He said do.e very hurtful things I can't e en remember it all. ur I could hear that his sister was agreeing with him. I am beside myself and so sad and hurt. I hate to even go there but I don't see the boy has any resemblance to his family. There was never any evidence that he was his sons child.

But that is beside the point. if the child needs help we will help. I really feel the grandmother is taking advantage and my husband has no regard for how I feel. We never had children together and it has always been just me and my husband. He is ready to leave me because of this and after all these years say I'm selfish and only care about myself is so hurtful. I do know how to handle this.

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