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“Trust issues”

Me and my fiancée have been best friends for 14 years and engaged for two years. I have always wanted to be with my partner and it finally happened back in 2015. However, I am having trust issues.

1) While we were friends she had a boyfriend of 10 years before me. One year into our relationship, she messaged him saying she missed him.

2) She's gone out on a night out with friends and got a lad's number. When I picked her up from the night out, I seen this lad messaged her asking if she had a good night! I raised this with her and being the mug I am I believed her story. Apparently the lad's sister wanted my partner's number due them being in the same line of work and she wanted some advice from my partner. This 'sister' didn't have a phone and that's why she got the brother's number.

3) A few months ago, we had an argument and she went to her friend's that night and got drunk. A week later I find a message from a guy she used to sleep with before me. The messages to the guy were deleted but the messages from the guy stayed. I can picture what she had sent him based on the messages the guy sent back... One message was like 'Why are you messaging me to meet up if you're engaged? If you are not happy then you know what you need to do.' So obviously she had messaged this guy to meet up! We had an argument about this and she says she never met up with him and she doesn't understand why the lad sent those messages. She said she didn't message him at all! Again, me being a mug I just let it go!

4) I went to pick her up from another night out and as she is walking to my car, a lad is running towards her. However, her friend pushed him away and said something to him. The guy looked puzzled and just walked away. I'm thinking that guy was running after her because he had thought he pulled, then her friend said something like, 'Look, her boyfriend is in that car, you'd best go.'

I love my partner and it's been months since all of this happened. However, I just can't get it all out of my head. I feel a little mugged off and I don't fully believe her stories! I'm afraid that she will cheat or already cheated and she is telling me a pack of lies. Can I get some advice on what people think? Surely the situations that have happened aren't right or am I just over thinking and being stupid? Thanks.

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