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“Toxic relationship”
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Hi I have been married for two years. I was born and brought up in Fiji and I married an Australian guy, Fiji Indian. It was a love marriage, we met on facebook and then he and his family came to Fiji to for engagement. Eventually we did got married and, on the same year, I came to Aussie in tourist visa and applied for spouse visa.

During my stay here in Aussie we have been arguing a lot, its like every day. He says one to me jn the room n in front of his family, he says something else and blames me for everything. I remember just 1 week ago his father called me and started saying shit about me and he didn't say anything. His friends say so many things about me and he doesn't do anything about me.

So yeah so I was with him when his father was swearing at me ...n I got angry ...n ran outside. When I came back in the room he started saying shit about my family . Currently I am living with my sister and can't get over him.

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