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My wife and I have been married for a year and a half. We were both previously married and both ended on us getting cheated on. I have always felt like we have strong values when it comes to this subject and I truly believe I married someone who I don’t have to worry about.

At the same time, when you’ve been cheated on, it never leaves your thoughts. I recently had her Apple watch and was being nosy and came across a message to someone who she texted. She’s a marketer and deals with lots of people on a daily basis. She also spends her whole day trying to make people like her and sell the company and services she works for.

The message was to a man who runs one of those businesses that she sells the company to. It looked like part of the message was missing so all I saw was two texts. The first said “keep a copy of that” and the second was “Love you.” This is not the first time I’ve heard these words to a man other than me. It seems like a man who makes her laugh or “saves the day” as she stated, get an “I love you” sent their way.

When confronted about the text, she said “I say it to lots of people,” and he really saved my ass that day. To me, that word is sacred and I don’t throw it around to just anyone. It seems very weird to me to talk like that to someone whom I only have a work relationship with. It now makes me wonder what the meaning is when she tells me she loves me. Am I just one of who “saved the day?” Or is there a deeper meaning.

During the confrontation, she said “I would never cheat on you; I’ve been cheated on and and I would never do that to someone else.” Regardless, it’s been running through my mind and I can’t shake it. It still doesn’t seem right and I can’t understand why she would give those words to anyone other than me, her family, and close friends. Am I wrong? Help

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