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“My partner's female friend”
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I’ve been seeing my partner for approximately 6 months. We both absolutely adore each other. He is the most honest, open and amazing man I have ever met. He has many female friends that I’m fine with - some are old girlfriends and that’s OK. I seem to have a problem with one of them.

They were together once many months ago. She is very flirtatious with him and always has been. One night we had a games night and she had a male friend with her and proceeded to talk about how her and my partner met on a dating app. Then later on that night she was talking to my partner about going to a tropical island together to go scuba diving like they always wanted.

She fully disregarded any feelings I had. I felt like she was completely out of line. My partner assured me that they are just mates and there’s no feelings there. I really do not trust her, there’s something that just doesn’t sit right with me.

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