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I can't trust my bf anymore

I've been dating the same guy for 7 years. We both have other people hit on us, but we're both loyal till this one incident happened. So he basically started a new job. And this girl with him had feelings for him, and everyone in their office was telling them to date and that they would make a cute couple. Then he started having feelings for her and even thought of having sex with her. which made him feel guilty and that he's not in love with me anymore, or else he wouldn't have these feelings.

They talked about everything. She started manipulating him by telling him that he seemed lonely and that it's weird that your gf never talks to you, and my BF, who NEVER shares his private life, started telling her about us and the struggles we're going through. She literally manipulated him into thinking that he was wasting my time and that I would break up with him. The reason I think she's a horrible person is that his partner's wife also told him to stay away from her because she's also hitting on him. We had a big fight, and we worked things out. He said that he wasn't himself and that he was lost ... and stopped talking to her. They still talk about work, of course 

But I can't get over the fact that all of this happened.

I can't trust him anymore.

I never felt jealous, but now I'm insecure all the time. I had crushes on other guys too. I understand that it's normal in a long-term relationship, but I controlled my feelings and he didn't. 

I feel like he cheated on me emotionally. I just can't get over this. He said he wasn't himself, but what if this happened again? What if he felt lost and decided he didn't know what he wanted? I was broken this time. I don't think I can't take it again .  What can I do? Please help.

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