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Emotional love affair: am I being played?

TDLR: She won’t leave her marriage for me. But still wants me in her life. Is this a disaster for me?

I am 42 years old, extremely successful at work, married with one daughter. She is 39, married with two children. We have been in an emotional affair for 8 months. Some physical limited to hugs and kisses.

My marriage is a failure. We sleep in different rooms and have not had sex for a year or more, but we parent well. I would hate to lose my daughter in any way.

Her marriage is happy. She says she loves both her husband and me. She cannot understand it, but she cannot live without me in her life. I am in love with her.

But I may be a chump. I have built her a successful side business, and given her access to alot of my success.

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