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“Should I take him back?”

I've been with my partner for nearly seven years. I have recently ended things and moved from our home in Nottinghamshire back to my mum's in London. The reason I left is because throughout our relationship he has had a wandering eye. Now, a little flirting with ladies in my presence has never really bothered me. I think it's just his way of showing off.

But I have several times now found him doing it behind my back through messages – and not just random strangers but girls that live and work nearby and even a girl he works with. He also cheated on me 18 months ago after a drunken night out with a group of friends. We had invited them back to ours to carry on drinking but I had work the next day so I went to bed and left them all to it. A few fell asleep downstairs and he took one of the girls up to our spare room. He said they never had sex but fooled around. I didn't find out till six months later.

He then quit drinking to try and save our relationship. He has been sober for a year now. But the flirting behind my back continued till I could take no more and left. Every time he's been caught out he's been so sorry and tries so hard for a while but then does it again. He's now begging me to come back and it's so hard because after everything he's done I still love him and in every other way he's perfect I just can't understand how he can repeatedly do something he knows is going to hurt me.

I plan on spending the holidays with my family and I have booked a trip away for myself in January but after that I really don't know. I want to believe he can change but I don't know how I even begin to trust him again.

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