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“My girlfriend was lying to me”
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Hi dear community i would like to share something that is braking apart my heart...I had a relationship over 6 years and yez is a lot...on our 5 year of relationship she lie to me...She was starting this whole thing about having her drive licence. At the beginning she was honest and was having school driving...Because she take personal form someone who is related to her when shes call out when she dose something wrong...but after a month she top taking the class's and she didn't say anything...

She make this whole story that she was hanging with her friends from work, and they were letting her drive their cars. She was starting to get late to her grands home were she was living and the fact that she does not call or msg me at all makes me worry... Mostly when i never told her that she wasnt allow to do anything at all...she was totally free as i meet her...It came to the point that she wasnt answering mtly calls or msg, even turned off her phone.

One day i decide to call to her work place, it was the GM that answered say that she left 3 hrs ago. I got sad and desperate and start calling a lot. She never answer any of my calls over a month...One night at 11pm she finally pick up her phone and her answer was this....(WTF you want) am not your wife to gave you explanations about what i do or don't...We broke up cause she was rebel...We were 5 months separate...I did my research and i found out the truth...

The 30 of December 2 hrs before the end of the year. She call me crying because she miss me, that no buddy understand her like i do, that she doesn't feel comfortable with no one thats not me, that she can't see herself with someone else or me...Then she was very quiet...I told her you are quite because you want to come back to me and you are scared of being rejected...She said yez..

I ask her whos the guy that you were hanging with this whole time science the summer...when you told me that you were going out with the gilrs from work... It was an old friend back from highscool...He was the one taking her to work, home, using his car and everything else's...She said that she was scared of me getting jealous not allowing her to learn how to drive...When thats non scenes know whow I've been to her science i meet her...But that wasn't rhe end or everything...She did have a relationship with him those whole month while we were separate...then i ask her did you sleept with him...Answer (YES)

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