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“I regret my decision to break up”
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My now ex-girlfriend and I had a really strong relationship until the beginning of this school year in September when things began going downhill. We had a relationship for over a year when I decided to end it about 2 weeks ago. After many ups and downs, and getting through a lot of rough patches, I finally pushed the decision to separate after these reasons pushed me to:

Throughout the year, I was feeling more and more uncomfortable with the way she behaved around other guys at school. To me, it seemed she was being really talkative and flirtatious, which made me really uncomfortable. She claimed that it was just a part of her “personality” when I approached her about it and that she is just friendly, but it still seems to me that her behaviour around other guys and the amount she talks to them is a bit too much. One of the hardest things to get around that caused me to want to break up is my distrust in her when it comes to seeing other guys.

About a month ago we went through a large rough patch when she got in an accident and totalled her car. Instead of riding the bus, she decided to get a ride from another guy that she knows I do not like, which I cannot keep her from doing as it is her choice, but was frustrating and made me uncomfortable. I didn’t find out until about a week later she had gotten more than one ride from him since the accident and did not tell me she was doing that. I already felt unsure about my trust with her and if she had been cheating or seeing other guys behind my back before this, although I have no evidence I just have a gut feeling with no explanation.

There are several other reasons for our break up like her friends disliking me, and her making friends with people I know are up to no good. I claimed she is irresponsible, and she claimed I was overreacting about these things. Lately though, I have felt like I regret my decision and want to be back with her because things seem harder when I’m not dating her, but only when our relationship doesn’t introduce more of a problem. My questions are, why do I feel that she’s cheating on me without evidence? Do I have reason to be mad at her for what she’s done? Should I get back together with her or is this a lost cause? I am really stuck and the amount of emotional turmoil I feel is going on right now is making it hard to see the answers to these questions clearly.

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