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“I'm in a relationship but I like someone else”

I've been dating my boyfriend, (let's call him Jake) around two years and a half now, in between six months of break up with him. I met in school and we dated for two years and then I broke up with him to focus on myself and for self-growth. Six months later I thought to give him a second chance since I saw some maturity in him.

Anyways, our relationship is a bit complicated right now. My parents don't really want me to date him, and he knows about it, so we are keeping our relationship hidden from them. Jake knows me really well, he listens to my problems and my boring stories. He doesn't have his own opinion unlike me. He is very clingy and wants attention 24/7, unlike me where I am really independent and really busy with my life. We've been through a lot together and we supported each other. He is very kind and makes me his first priority always.

But... he's not my first priority right now. I have school, work and extracurricular activities that take up most of my time. I also need to spend time with my family and then Jake wants attention more than ever. I talk to him about it and he says he understands but I think he doesn't since he complains about it to me every week and I have to talk about it all over again. We argue A LOT about how I don't text as much as he wants me to which is pretty much all the time.

So this guy who I like, let's call him Finn. I knew Finn for four years now - he's my guy best friend. He makes me laugh all the time and he knows when I'm unhappy or having a problem. He's playful but sometimes an idiot. We like the same shows and music. He is very smart and he helps me with subjects such as math that I am terrible at, helps me out patiently and without judging me. I work with him a lot and I like how he makes me laugh and make sure I am in a good mood. He teases me but I'm thinking that it's cute. I am looking at him whenever he is focused on something or more like whenever he's not looking at me. I can't stop thinking about him... and I've been feeling like this for a couple of months now. I think he flirts with me sometimes, and I am really liking it.

Also at the same time I feel like I'm starting to get more and more annoyed by my boyfriend. I feel like I love my boyfriend more like a family than my lover, and I am falling in love with Finn. What should I do?

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