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“I have feelings for a girl, and I'm in a relationship”

I'm a 22-year-old woman. I have been in a loving relationship with my boyfriend for 1 year. I love him more than anything and literally nothing is wrong in our couple. But recently, I think I have fallen in love with someone else – another woman. It was the first time I had feelings for someone of the same gender. This women is one of my best since we're like 10. I have never been attracted physically to her before. I feel like I'm more attracted to her personality and her energy. The thing is that I know that's she's into girls too and I might have a chance if I try to confess to her. I know damn right that I couldn't be able to stay with my boyfriend if my feelings are not all directed to him. But how should I tell him and should I break up with him? And how will I be able to know what my sexuality is?

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