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“Am I starting to have feelings for another guy?”

I started dating a guy in 2018 and now we have almost two years of relationship. At the beginning he was the sweet boy that gave me all the attention that I wanted but then everything changed. A lot of things happened, we argue a lot, we break up for no reason and I feel like our love is disappearing... now he does not have time for me and for us and it makes me sad.

I have a real close friend who helps me with my issues and he told me that my bf didn't deserve me. He treats me like a princess, with cute names and he’s so cute. Some days ago he went to my house and we hugged a lot and I felt I wanted to kiss him. It’s a strange feeling. l then started overthinking and imagining us together. I really don’t know if I'm falling in love with him or not. Maybe I'm just needy... :/

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