“Broke up my ex, now I want him back”
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So I have been dating my current ex now for a short period of 2 months and it was long distance.

We were hooked up by close friends in hopes of finding a lifetime partner. My understanding of that was that, we were both searching for marriage type of commitment.

Within the first month of our courtship, he mentioned he wanted to be exclusive. I was happy to hear that. The following month, he asked me to be his girlfriend. Immediately after, that we broke up. I called things off because I stumbled upon a message from another woman pouring out her heart to him the first month we were together. I thought nothing of it because our relationship was something still very new. Maybe he hadn't quite figured out what to do about that situation yet. I figured that eventually he would dismiss it since he didn't seem to be paying much attention to her. When he came to visit me, I noticed that the same person was still messaging him. As opposed to confronting him right away, I asked for his phone (never ever again!).

He kept saying it wasn't an issue to see his phone but when he noticed how serious I was about seeing his phone, he changed his tone. I ended up dropping him off at the airport in a rude way and broke things off.

Within 24 hours, he called to apologise for not allowing me see his phone but I wasn't having that apology because he was apologising for the wrong thing. After a few calls back and forth, he finally came clean about the other woman. I was willing to overlook simply because it was a new relationship, sometimes people have it harder letting go of their past. (At least that was my thought).

After he came clean, he disappeared on me. He barely called and now he's completely stopped calling. I've reached out to him multiple times. He finally called me two weeks later after we broke up to say I wanted the apology in my own words. I tried to reason with him but whenever I tried, he shunned the conversation. I eventually told myself to stop calling him. He reached out to me a few days back but I was playing hard-to-get. I tried calling him the following day, we spoke briefly but he had to go stating he'd call back which he never did.

It's been a month since we broke up and its been 3 days since we've had any dialogue with each other. What do i do? I can't stop thinking about him.

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