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Three months ago I made a tinder account and met this guy we talked for about 2 weeks and he finally asked me out to meet in person. We started to spend more time together talk things were going good. He would drive roughly 2 hours to see me every week or sometimes twice a week depending on what was going on.

Maybe a month ago he wrote me a letter saying how he felt about me and how he was also interested in someone else. The girl was someone he had been liking for awhile he said he still wanted us to talk he said he simply wrote the letter to inform me that if he has a chance to sleep with her he will.

Roughly a week later he came to see and we stayed together he gave me his card and it was a picture of a girl on it turns out it was her. He said he’s been knowing her for a while and he loved her. So 2 weeks later he surprised me by getting a new card not because I asked him and she didn’t really care for him and now she is giving him and opportunity and he wants to take it

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