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I was in a relationship with girl1 from the end of 2015 and the relationship was very nice, when time passed I had to change city...I reached city1 in aug 2018. I met another girl2 in Sept 2020. My earlier relationship was even nice but, due to busy working it was degraded than earlier, everyone in my office was aware of my relationship with girl1, when girl2 join office in sept 2020, she was my junior and I came to know that she is only person to feed his 4 member family, she had less professional knowledge. Her father had passed way earlier.

So I felt little sad for her and decided to help. Instead of supporting financial, I started teaching her, to grow and feed better for her family, she joined as a intern for 3 month, but even 3 months was also very hectic to survive. I convinced the manager to pay 10000 as salary. Girl2 was aware that girl1 is my gf.

Later girl2 become good friend with me. I tried all possible way to keep her happy and stand on her legs as soon as possible. I also did not cared about my growth. After 3 months my and her affection towards each other started increasing.

After 2 months I came to know that girl2 had a bf, where her bf married another girl due to kundali issue and she cried very much like a mad.

Later know that she'd had financial, family, relationship and career issues. Due to which she was not concentrating and I tried helping her to overcome all.

On 1 January 2021 we met at my rent room for normal chill. But as there was none, our intentions change to dancing and reached to hugging each other. I was feeling very guilty after that tried to close further interactions but the feeding of family and survive of girl2 pushed me back to continue. We both had same track that we are not going to marry eachother, she was asking for a year to live with her. Things were going normal I was communicating with girl1 in less proper way. It was turning to quarrelling everyday.

In mid Feb 2021 I met girl1 and spend 2–3 days with her as gf bf do. Returned to work place, and there thing begin as same earlier.

In better march -may, we met i.e girl2 and me at my rented room 5–6 time, and usually same things happens , hugging and sharing problems…in 4–5 meeting we kissed each other and the top of the girl was removed. (She was in bra and pants).

Things was going, now it's June end, we understood that the things are not correct, we had also made many promises , to not leave each others. In last of June she got a good offer of 18000 and wfm job. I insisted to join as the offer was good, she joined, later in July start I also got good offer wfm and joined another company in aug 2021.

In JULY, Girl2 Started asking to leave girl1. and Even i choosed girl1 , as girl1 was unaware of this all issues we created. Things started changing now, as we were departing and problem was increasing day by day, she continues asking to leave girl1, and started calling 50–100 times at night we decided to break say- relationship. I met with girl2 and told to decrease these things and break relationship. She started weeping and begging for love. I honour her feeling, eventhen I had to leave the city and there was no use to stay in rent house.

I left city in oct 2021. Our conversation was going on call now. Girl2 still had technical issue of working, I was working with him remotely to fix her issue, else company 2 may expell her. Thing were going with quarrelling, with girl1 and girl2. For all I wanted that she should take over her task. As she was very new to this field she took an year to understand work.

In between I met girl2, 3 times on her request as she threatens me to commit suicide. I though that this problem may end after few months. As girl2 was very opponent to girl1 and started asking regularly to either leave her or girl2 will kill girl1. Due to this I told lie to girl2 that my communication with girl1 has ended.

Later in April 2022, I met girl1 with few friends for tour, after this tour girl2 managed to know that I met girl1. Due to this girl2 called girl1 and narrated few stories, what were going on. There I was getting blamed and relationship was also on kill. So after communication I blocked girl2

Few days later girl2 psychiatrist doctor called and told to be connected with her, else she may suffer a lot. Again things going like quarrelling and working. Today's condition is on every call I am being threaten to leave girl1 and else she will commit suicide or ask me to work like a servent.

My thinking is: why we cannot be a good friend to live forever, why to hurt/leave girl1 as she doesn't know anything. Girl2 has only few months to marry another guy, eventhen she want to break my relationship with girl1. I am totally trapped, sometime i think to meet with accident, that none will be aware of my issue

Now in End of Nov 2022 Girl2 started asking to marry her forcefully or die. My opinion is: no body nows life, as all gilrs caste is completely differnt marry become a tought in UP India. so may convience once for only girl1 and if family does not accept will leave to them. Any reply text will be helpful for me.

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