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“We broke up three months ago”

Me and my bf broke up 3 months ago (october10)...we knew each other since 2015 and we're best friends.. he used to share all his problems..i helped him to overcome from his first breakup..we got into a relationship in feb 2018. He broke up with me because someone showed him my intimate (not that much) pic which i gave to my previous ex and also some messages probably to prove me a cheater which is not true..

The incident took place on feb 2019 but he didn't tell me anything as i had exams..he revealed all this in october (the day when he broke up) bf knew my previous ex but i didn't clear everything about him as he didn't ask..he is angry because i hadn't all the matters..we talked but he was very harsh..he also told me after the night of our breakup that he didn't want to break up but after coming back from his university he changed his friend told me that someone must be manipulating him..

We also met after breakup he was very emotional and kept me in his arms for the time but suddenly he said do whatever u want. after that i took some pictures with another guy (just casual friend) and he got extremely jealous and quired about him through my friend..then i was not in touch for some days but i couldn't control my emotions started to call him..sometimes he was ok sometimes he was harsh...but in dec he blocked my numbers and other social media accounts except whatssap..I did some messages..some of the messages he seen but others remain unseen..he told his best friend to ignore there still any chance?

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